Tri Colour Gum Bichromate Prints

The original colour image is separated into RGB channels and a digital negative is made of each channel.

Pre shrunk and sized watercolour paper is coated with a mixture of potassium bichromate, gum arabic and watercolor pigment.

The paper is dried ,exposed to UV light, and developed in plain water for up to an hour.

The steps are repeated for each color until the print is complete.

Wet Cyanotype

In this body of work I use a modified cyanotype process to create photograms of botanical material. The process incorporates added heat,moisture, and a very long exposure.

The plant material is sandwiched between the damp cyanotype coated paper and a sheet of glass and placed inside an insulated box in the sun for hours or days. This miniature greenhouse causes the cyanotype chemistry to breakdown and interact with the plant material, to produce colour shifts and patterns which are unpredictable, magical and create an alternative impression of nature.