Holga 120WPC

Holga 120WPC

The Holga 120WPC is a panoramic pinhole camera that takes 6, 6×12 images on a roll of 120 film. Standard cheap plastic construction typical of Holga cameras. A good idea to tape the camera shut with duct tape. Many of these cameras have a problem with excessive vignetting which can usually be solved by widening the opening around the pinhole. The camera is capable of producing surprisingly good images.

Expired Film

Recently I purchased at a garage sale, about 1000 ft of expired 35mm bulk color slide film. All of it had expired in the 1990s. The majority of it was Kodak SO 366 slide duplication film and because I had the most it, I decided to test it first. The box speed was ISO 20 but I made a series of exposures at ISO 10 and film was cross processed in C41 chemistry. The results show that the film is still usable and I plan to use it in my pinhole cameras.

Kodak SO 366 exposed at ISO 10

Zero Image 2000

The Zero Image 2000 was the first commercially produced camera that I purchased. Using 120 film and made of teak and brass, it is still my favourite camera. The 25 mm focal length matches my way of seeing and the images it produces are very sharp. It is a little fiddly to load and in certain light conditions, it can be hard to see the frame numbers through the red window, but all in all, a great camera.

Zero Image 2000 example photograph 1
Zero Image 2000 example photograph 2
Zero Image 2000 example photograph 3
Zero Image 2000 example photograph 4
Zero Image 2000 example photograph 5
Zero Image 2000 example photograph 6