A Week in Sound 01/11/19 to 07/11/19

As a society, we capture and share the world around us with photographs. Rarely do we notice the acoustic environment that surrounds us. For the project, “A Week in Sound”, I record sound daily, and assemble it into a weekly soundscape.

I use Zoom H1 and H2 recorders and Roland cs-10em binaural microphones to record the audio.

Tri Colour Gum Bichromate Prints

The original colour image is separated into RGB channels and a digital negative is made of each channel.

Pre shrunk and sized watercolour paper is coated with a mixture of potassium bichromate, gum arabic and watercolor pigment.

The paper is dried ,exposed to UV light, and developed in plain water for up to an hour.

The steps are repeated for each color until the print is complete.