Yashica Mat

I had been thinking about starting to take more lens based photographs and came across a Yashica Mat TLR. Based on the serial number it was made in the early part of 1969. It is in good condition for it’s age and everything works as it should. I have always found the square format appealing and look forward to using the camera. Here are some images from the first roll.

Arista Litho Film

I have been shooting Arista Ortho Litho Film 3.0 in my Zero Image 45 pinhole camera. I had been developing in Dektol 1:30 but found the contrast to be a little high. This time I exposed at an ISO of 3 and developed for 3 minutes in Dektol 1:10 with added Potassium Bromide as a restrainer. The images could have used more exposure but overall I am pleased with the results.


I bought the Scura pinhole camera from Dora Goodman. It is a 3d printed camera that you have to assemble yourself. It is a curved film plane panorama camera that I found to have a very strange aspect ratio.

Scura Pinhole Camera

As much as I want to love the camera, unfortunately I find the aspect ratio not to my liking.

Gum Bichromate

I have been printing some of the images from the “Quiet Light” series as gum bichromate prints. Printed on pre-shrunk and sized Fabriano Artistico watercolour paper using potassium dichromate as the sensitizer. I usually print a weak layer of ivory black followed by a layer of burnt umber and finished with another layer of ivory black.